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Are you ready to be in business for yourself?

As a baby boomer woman, you may be yearning  

  • For schedule flexibility
  • To do what you love
  • To be challenged and motivated
  • To be your own boss
  • To make an impact

Do you see yourself working for the next 5 to 10 years ... or more?

Three quarters of boomers plan to work past retirement, so you're not alone. But at this stage of life, maybe you've decided it's time to call the have the flexibility and freedom to make choices. 

But feeling overwhelmed is not uncommon. Help is here.

Turning your interests, strengths and experience into a business may be new to you. Perhaps you don't know where to start or all the steps to take to grow. If so, you may find it easier with "a guide at your side" offering coaching, guidance and resources to keep you on track.

If your intention now is being your own boss as a solo-preneur, creative independent professional or home-based business owner, check out how I can help you.

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