A Spotlight on West Dermatology Hillcrest

Acne is nothing short of frustrating in many cases. Dealing with pimple after pimple can be an overwhelming experience, and the simple truth is that those over the counter creams can only do so much good. Your best bet is to search for someone who can help like qualified dermatologists. Colorado Springs has many to offer.Have a look at West Dermatology Hillcrest-Dermatologist for more info on this.

How Can A Dermatologist Help Treat Acne?
There are lots of ways a dermatologist can be useful if you have acne, and in some cases, they’re an absolute must. For example, if you have never been treated for acne in the past, but you’re experiencing a sudden breakout now, the chances are good that you need to visit a dermatologist for a bit of help. Your problem could be related to another condition that resembles acne but has serious consequences. Additionally, if you have the type of acne that produces nodules or cysts, almost the only way to get reliable treatment is a visit to the dermatologist. This kind of acne can cause extensive scarring, so it’s best to get professional help before it becomes a bigger problem.

Once you make your appointment, the dermatologist will first evaluate the skin condition. He or she will want quite a bit of information about your history with acne as well as your symptoms. Once the dermatologist gets a complete picture of what’s going on, the two of you can discuss treatment options. Here are a few of the most common:

• Medication – These days, there are many different medications on the market that can help treat acne from the inside out. While you may also be prescribed a medicated soap or facial scrub, you’re most likely to take a pill each day to help control breakouts. These medications can be very useful, but there are some fairly serious side effects, so ensure you discuss everything with your doctor before you have your prescription filled.

• Laser Treatments – Using a variety of different laser procedures, your dermatologist can help you get clear skin in a very short amount of time. In most cases, more than one treatment is required, and while there often is no ongoing pain, your skin may seem warm to the touch for a few days afterward.

• Microdermabrasion – While many consider this a procedure you can only get in a med spa, you can also get one at the offices of dermatologists. Colorado Springs has many professionals who simply make this part of their service offerings, and during the procedure, tiny crystals are, essentially, hurled at your skin to help remove the top layer. It’s great for acne that isn’t current inflamed.

If you suffer from acne, your best bet may be to research a few dermatologists. Colorado Springs has many, and finding the right one could be a great way to have your condition treated.