Bed Bug Inspection Process

Bed bugs, since they’re unpredictable, maybe a threat. And qualified experts have trouble getting them exterminated. If you believe that you have bed bugs because of frequent bite marks on the scalp, locate the evidence immediately and accurately determine that the pest is a bed bug. Dallas Bed Bug Inspection offers excellent info on this.

It is critical that you conduct a thorough room inspection to identify all the harbour sites and ascertain the cause and scale of the infestation. The bed is the first place to look since the pests prefer to remain in the resting place of the host.

When inspecting you need to know what to check for and you need some equipment. In order to accurately classify the insect, you must also grasp the fundamental biology.

The nature of bed bugs

Bed bug eggs are about 1 mm long by 0.5 mm high and have an egg cap (operculum). The eggs are black and opaque in colour.

The bug on the adult bed is reddish-brown in color. When unfed it has an oval and dorso-ventrally flattened shape. The moth is wingless and with cutting mouthparts of around 5-7 mm in length. When unfed it is light yellow-brown in colour, but shifts after feeding to a deeper reddish-brown hue.

It has a small wide head with prominent pupils, a pair of 4 segmented antennas in the ventral groove and 3 segmented proboscises. It is rather unique and can be easily recognised. Nymphs are tiny forms of thinner cuticulated individuals. Nymphs are transparent in colour and scale vary from 1.3 mm to 5 mm when they pass across five instars.

What to Check

  1. Blood Flecks
  2. Dunkle faece spots
  3. Eggs, egg heads, skin discarded
  4. Bugs in bed (adult, nymphs)
  5. Pungent mouldy garments or a sickening scent of sugar.

Tools for examination

  1. A good Torchlight
  2. Splendid mirror
  3. Plastic Recycle Container
  4. Crevice Werkzeug
  5. Pressure air
  6. Wristband
  7. Large Werkzeug Package
  8. Alcohol, swabs/baby cotton wipes
  9. Sticky fingertips
  10. Soapy bath, socks, fabric and sponge
  11. Mirror on handle
  12. A Paper Pad
  13. An Iphone camera
  14. Adjustable Spreader
  15. Strike Strike

Mattress review

Inspect the bedding and matelas. Pay particular attention to the corners of the wall and dim places. Pour alcohol onto a sheet of cotton wool to assess black patches on the mattress and stains. If the mark is dissolved with a reddish-brown colour, blood stain is. Go looking until you bring bugs to bed.

Check the mattress tufts, seams and holes, inspect the material under buttons and spreads, inspect the piping material sown to the sides and the handles and marks underneath.

If the mattress is on a foundation divan inspect the edge of the foam below the foundation and the hollow caster thighs. Check under the spring of the mattress and case, and between the frame and floor. Check inside vinyl plastic seams and rips which cover the mattress.