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The vast majority of web sites for small businesses are basic informational sites. Many people rightly call these sites “online brochures.” Taking into account the price associated with developing a web site, that’s one expensive brochure! Web sites should be more than just an expensive brochure: they should be a solution to a problem. Learn more about Driven Web Services.

What Can My Web Site Do For Me?

That’s the question of the day: what can my web site do for me? It doesn’t matter if you sell products or services, your web site should be an integral part of your business. Web technology has advanced so much over the past few years; your web site has a large amount of potential. Put some thought into what your business needs and then try to accomplish that with your web site. Here are some ideas of some functions that come to mind:

o Online Appointment Management – This would be great for doctors, dentists, lawyers, practically anyone who has a lot of appointments. Think about being able to set up a dentist appointment online and then having that appointment sync with your Microsoft Outlook calendar. It would also be great to get those teeth cleaning reminders via email; which would cut down costs for dentists.

o Project Management and Time Tracking – Anyone who operates by projects can use project management software. Keeping track of project progress and employee hours is essential to making sure your business is productive. The benefit of the software being web based is that it can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. There are actually some good free project management systems available.

o E-Commerce – This is a no-brainer. If you sell any type of product, you should have an e-commerce site. You can link your e-commerce site into other large sites like Amazon and Froogle for a reasonable price. There’s never been a better time to have an e-commerce site, if it’s designed well…

o Customer Relationship Management – Almost everyone needs it; does your company have it? Having a way to track leads, potential clients, and keeping track of those relations is crucial for any business. The big plus to making CRM web based is that if you have multiple offices, they can all stay coordinated with sales efforts. There are some very good CRM web applications out there that are open source.

This is just a chunk of the iceberg. Basically almost any paper driven process can be translated to the web. Less paper, easier storage, and easier accessibility makes web applications very attractive to businesses. Is your web site a solution to your problems? If not, then take a look at the big picture. The answer might be starring right back at you!

Amarillo Website Design – Four Different Kinds of Web Designing Tools

Roughly any web designer has a variety of web development resources they use every day. Among all the resources in their tool belt, one or two devices that belong to one of four categories of web designing software are most possibly held. Amarillo Website Design offers excellent info on this.

Mock-up / Wireframing / Prototyping

Software are free or industrial software that are used to pre-planning the design designs. These typically have a drag-and-drop gui, so are generally very instinctive to use. Mock-up platforms are a perfect means of communicating your concept and style to potential clients, or just sharing your concepts and opinions with common ones. They may even be useful for shaping and imaging the idea right before it’s enforced. Mock-ups can help initial planning and will save an immense amount of time in reality.

Web browser development tools for debugging

Web browser development applications are programs that allow you to use your web browser to modify HTML and CSS code promptly. In reality, on every existing platform, you can simply pause, rewrite the CSS and HTML and see the immediate adjustments on the page. For practically every web designer these resources are needed mainly because it would significantly increase productivity. Instead to being forced to recompile and restart your window after designing your project, you might use the creation software before implementing it to devise your concept.

User development features are unique to application. Google Developer Resources are used with Google Chrome, which can be used by clicking Ctrl+Shift+L. About Firefox; this function has the add-on called Firebug. There is one built-in programming mode on Internet Explorer. The mode will be activated by pressing F12.

Each Web designer has some form of graphics editing program. If you want to build a logo or construct a background picture, it requires graphics editing tools. Just about any picture you encounter in the internet has been updated using a computer graphics editing tool, suggesting this resource’s superiority. Photoshop is by far the most common editing program for rendering drawings and images both simple and complicated. There are also a range of free software solutions, including GIMP.

Tech Inspiration Places

This point is somewhat different from the ones in the series as it is not just a piece of software, but instead an online tool. The barrier for web designers happens when a creator is uninspired and reluctant to think of concept concepts. This is something web designers discover every once in a while which may transform into a incredibly tedious undertaking. Thankfully, there are several websites which focus solely on presenting established webpage designs for viewing individuals. Usually, the web pages shown are progressive in style, and are a perfect place to catch up with the new product trends. In fact, there are other resources that can be used to display images that can inspire creative concept ideas.

As you can see, web building resources from any of these four groups will support you as a web designer in a big way. This will also increase performance, and help plan the ideas and express them. For each type, the most successful implementation is very arbitrary and can differ from designer to designer. You’ll only have to try a few to figure out may applies the most to you.