Duct Cleaning – 3 Things to Remember

If you wonder if cleaning the air duct is worth the effort, then the answer is yes … But when you employ a duct cleaning company you can remember three things.

Second, if you are not going to get the whole AC system washed, don’t waste your money cleaning the air ducts. You can get additional information at AC installation company in perth

Not only does the air you breathe pass through the air ducts, it also passes through the blower fan, through several rows of refrigerating coils (evaporator coils), and over the condensate tray. The evaporator coils are what ultimately extracts the heat and moisture from the air. The coils, which are cold due to the chilled refrigerant flowing through them, pull the heat out of the air which passes over them and cause the excess moisture in the air to condense on them and run into the condensate tank. In a humid climate like we have here in Houston Texas the coils are of special concern. Duct cleaning alone will not fix the coils, which are particularly susceptible to dirt and debris build-up since they are wet much of the time the device is in operation , especially in a humid environment. If you don’t have the entire machine washed, you’ll have a less energy-efficient AC system in addition to breathing air that’s passed over wet dirty coils. The dirt is essentially insulating the coils, minimising the amount of heat and moisture from the air they can expel. The dirt also decreases the air flow through the coils, as the coils are several rows wide. Your AC needs to work harder and longer to freshen the air. Cleaning the duct is worthwhile, if it is done while cleaning the whole device.

SECOND, see to it that you find a company certified to clean your entire system.

Only a company with an HVAC licence (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) can access and clean the entire system in many states like Texas. This is important to make sure that only people who know what they’re doing can access your AC system’s inner workings. A business in Texas that does not have an HVAC licence can only clean up what they can access from the walls and ceiling registers. Not only can they not control vital parts of the device like the coils, they can’t even clean the plenum, the box you see at one end of your AC unit, where all the air supplied to your home flows through it. That would be like sweeping up your living room’s dirty floor but not the entrance. Only tracking the dirt right back into your living room. It’s the same for cleaning the ducts. For example, Houston has many firms advertising air duct cleaning, but many of them don’t have Texas HVAC licences and can’t clean the whole system. Mind who you are hiring to clean your AC system.

THIRD, choose only a company that uses the industry-wide agreed standard method of using mechanical agitation alongside vacuum collection systems to safely remove debris from your AC system.

This is very closely related to the preceding topic, but is a separate and significant question. The vacuum systems have to be robust enough to trap the debris and hold the machine under negative pressure to ensure that none of the debris gets into the indoor atmosphere or migrates to other areas of your AC. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to force open the doors of any restaurant when you leave? This is because the huge exhaust fans in the kitchen are blowing air out of the building to ensure that any fumes from the kitchen are heading into the ventilation instead of into the dining area. This “external pressure” in the building attempts to pull the closed door as you try to force it open. In much the same way, when being washed, a vacuum collection device places areas of your AC system under “negative pressure” to ensure that none of the loosened debris reaches the air or other areas of your system. This is yet another reason why you need a licenced company that can access all parts of your system when being cleaned, keeping them under constant pressure. That is also why actually placing a vacuum hose in your air ducts with a revolving brush up is not only ineffective, but can also contaminate the air in your rooms and the areas of the ductwork that have already been cleaned up. Maintaining the device under “negative pressure” is necessary for safe and efficient cleaning.