Essential Aspects about DIY Techniques for Fixing Dryer Vents

Short-cut Repair Process: As such, there is no short-cut method. Still by taking the dryer out of the wall and disconnecting the dryer hose from the vent on the machine wall and placing a few pantry hoses at the end of the hose with a rubber band, you can find that instead of anything else the lint is blowing through it. Then if one can notice that the machine is still hot and blowing hot vapour for more than one minute by running the dryer on a timed dyer cycle, one can blame the dryer duct for the cause. And try to do the work of cleaning the dyer duct and for sure it is very simple.Do you want to learn more? Visit

In your house, there is an appliance that is the cause of approximately 15,000 fires annually across the nation. When running poorly, this appliance will also boost your electricity costs, and can also cost you precious time in terms of repeating a certain job more often than you should have to. If you guessed the clothes dryer was the device being mentioned, you’re absolutely right.

Many problems with clothes dryers stem from what is called a dryer vent. This vent allows the heat used to dry your clothes to be brought to the outside of your home by your dryer. Lint and other debris may find its way into the vent and get trapped when your lint trap is not being cleaned, or when it does not avoid the lint as well as it should be. A fair amount of lint will get stuck in the vent depending on how long your dryer vent is and how many twists and turns it has to do to get to the outdoors. Due to the highly combustible debris inside your vent, fires can start inside your vent which can potentially cause harm inside your home and put your family at risk. This is one advantage of getting your vent cleaned on a regular basis; once or twice a year, ideally.

Another advantage of cleaning a dryer vent is the savings in electricity. A clogged vent will add between $18 and $24 a month to your electricity bill. The dryer may still be the most expensive appliance to operate for many homeowners, and an unclean vent may add even more to that cost. If you want to keep more cash in your wallet and stop giving the electric company too much of it away, get your dryer vent washed.