Float Tank Reviews

Of course, the floatation tank’s initial production was not nearly as comfortable as modern-day prototypes. They now have ventilation, lids or doors that are easy to open and close, circulation fans, internal lighting, and a very classy new age look. Float Tank¬†is one of the authority sites on this topic.

They were developed as a quiet, comforting tank or space containing approximately ten inches of water and a heap of salt from Epsom. It becomes much denser than the body as water absorbs pounds of salt and provides the floater with a sense of weightlessness, making it easier to float.

A individual will have to keep running continuously to keep floating if the tanks only contain fresh water or water with chlorine in it. When thinking about sinking was the main agenda, it wouldn’t be a very relaxing experience.

The use of advanced floatation therapy techniques helps the body to become fully comfortable without effort when floating on the sea.

The water is still set at the temperature of the body, which ensures that the body and the water soon feel as one. It is a private atmosphere that most people find to be very friendly, quiet, temperate and damp. The lid may be left ajar or completely open for those worried about feeling claustrophobic, but floatation therapy is more successful if it’s closed and completely dark.

Some people prefer to use bathers, and for their floatation therapy, others want to be naked. Before climbing in, there is a shower to use and any way that helps a person feel more relaxed would be best for them.

Wearing ear plugs is another smart idea since the ears are normally in the water the whole time.

Lying on the back is not the only solution, and when floating, many individuals prefer to try different positions. It is more like lying on a bed and in various ways there is room to move and float.

Floatation therapy for an hour equals four hours of deep sleep. There will normally be a light to show an hour has passed, or when the filters begin to self-clean, the tank water will vibrate. Spending more than an hour indoors is not recommended and this is seen as the optimal period of time.

The Epsom salt makes the skin elastic to the touch, smooth and silky. Normally seen after bathing, the prune look is caused by water leeching salt from the skin and this does not happen because the tank water is still too salty. Many people go straight into their next appointments from a floatation session.


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