General Green Roof Maintenance Practices

RooferYour green roof’s maintenance load will depend on its type.

Despite the kind you have installed, it should be given proper attention or you will end up in your roof with dead or listless vegetation. When selecting the plants appropriate to your climate zone, the maintenance severity will depend on how much work you have put on designing your roof and how accurate you have been. Your roof will rely on the means of cultivation. With slow releasing fertilisers, some growth media are readymade. You may need to apply fertiliser to the green roof when all of the fertiliser material in the medium is used by the plants. If you’re looking for more tips, Roofer has it for you.

Maintenance can depend on the vegetation available and the climatic variables. The plants may have been exposed to the sun or exposed to the wind or heavy snow for several hours. It could be that you live in a heavy snow zone. You should go for the species of plants that survive the snow, then.

The production of new plants on the growth medium typically takes about three months because the roots need some time to grow. During this point, some form of irrigation is required. A properly established irrigation system or using a garden hose will irrigate your rooftop garden. It will take very little time for you to irrigate your roof with a garden hose. Typically, once it is completely formed, the broad green roof requires little maintenance. But as much as needed by a garden, an intensive form can require water. If the roof surface is exposed to wind, the irrigated water can evaporate quickly.

As well as irrigation, the vegetation available on your green roof can need fertiliser. On this subject, there are so many studies aimed at the types of fertilisers and plant species. Upon establishing plants on your green roof, the fertiliser should be applied for three months. But this hypothesis has been debunked by several research. The application of fertiliser can depend on the climatic zone where your house is located.

It is very important to employ a contractor for your job. After your plants are built, some contractors may give a one year maintenance period. Your eco-roof, like your front or back yard, requires care and good maintenance.

Your green roof management should be as follows. It is necessary to cut the dead leaves and weed properly. Make sure there are no invasive insect plants on your roof that come and spread. Since the green roof is on top of your building, you should take great care of it because your neighbourhood is clear to you. A well planned eco roof that is properly maintained will give your home a strong aesthetic value.

To stop leaks, your living roof should be properly preserved. You should act immediately if the roots are introduced into the protective layers and the contractor should be informed. Make sure that your contractor is going to look after the matter. And to optimise the existence of your roof, you have to maintain the roof framework regularly!