Getting a Car Title Loan After Bankruptcy

If you’ve applied for bankruptcy, it’s possible that your credit score has taken a nosedive. For up to 10 years, a bankruptcy will remain on your credit report and lower your ranking by 160 to 220 points. Which makes having a loan really hard in these times of tight credit.

How it happens is ironic. It seems normal for those who have been through bankruptcies or other extreme financial turbulence to have the most resources to borrow. Such citizens, though, seem to have the most difficulty obtaining the loans they require. Visit our website to get free information about Car Title Loans Miami-Title Loans Miami

You may feel like you are out of choices now that you find yourself in this position. After all, during these difficult times, is everybody going to lend you money?

Have you found a loan with a vehicle title?

When you have applied for bankruptcy, a vehicle title loan is one potential answer to your financing needs. This is because background tests are not run by certain car title lenders. So, with those lenders, the bankruptcy petition won’t be of interest and they actually won’t even hear about it.

Aside from potentially escaping a background review, it is usually better to get a vehicle title loan than to get a regular loan. The procedure is typically quicker, as on the same day that you apply for it, you will always have your money. Basically, you would be well on the path to securing a car title loan provided you own the automobile and can include a few important papers.

How much cash will I get?

Any lender has numerous specifications. In general, however, loans start at a few hundred dollars and, depending on the value of the car, may go even higher.

You could be forced to take out a pawn loan for low loan amounts. In this case, you will have to briefly authorise the landlord to own the car, so make sure you thoroughly appreciate the conditions before you consent to such an arrangement. However, you would definitely wind up with an automobile title loan at higher amounts, which typically allows you to sign the title over for the period of the loan-not the vehicle itself.

Any threats are there?

Any commercial transaction that you do has dangers. There is a possibility that the good or service is faulty or that the company is unscrupulous, from ordering food or electronics to taking out a loan from a conventional bank.

Be sure to take appropriate steps to minimise the dangers that you might pose with a car title lender or some other firm. These involve consulting with the Better Business Bureau ( with your preferred lender and ensuring that their members are available, polite and knowledgeable. Often, on a car title loan or some other text, for that matter, always read the fine print.

Is it Worth a Vehicle Title Loan?

It is an investment judgement that would be better taken on a personal basis once you have assessed it. If you read the conditions and are assured that you can pay back the loan correctly, then it could be a valuable choice. If you do not have the fair opportunity to pay back your debt on time , of course, so it is better to avoid it.