How To Become A Massage Therapist

Did you ever ask what a massage therapist does? Massage therapists use body manipulation to give the body, and even the mind, relaxation. Through the use of pressure these therapists target the muscles , joints, connective tissue and even the skin. The massage can help to stimulate healthy body function. Currently there are many styles of massage available and offered to the public. Usually the therapists use their hands or elbows but some other styles necessitate foot use. Massage therapy techniques include reflexology, point trigger therapy, thai and Swedish massage.You may want to check out Columbus massage therapist for more.

So, you want to really become a massage therapist now? To become a massage therapist you need to know that there are several requirements. First, a high school diploma is needed. If you already have the first requirement, then you can look for a school for massage therapy. You must ensure your massage school is accredited by the Massage Therapy Accreditation Commission. The said organisation has already accredited more than 100 massage therapy schools. Once you have chosen a suitable school, you must prepare for the coursework. Specialized training will be provided at the school. You will study physiology and anatomy so you will have extensive knowledge of the human body. Every organ system and tissue you need to know, plus all their functions. They will also tackle kinesiology or the science of human movements. This topic will give you the necessary knowledge of human movement and the physics of the human body. We will also study pathology, the study and diagnosis of disease. Of course the course work will include history and professional ethics. You should generally be able to get your certificate in less than a year’s time. You can also attend the continuing education classes if you already have a certificate. Associate of Occupational Studies is an example of a degree programme which serves massage therapists as continuing education.

Where do you go to work? Massage therapists function in various settings. You can choose to work at health clinics, sports centres, nursing homes, spas or hotels. You can work with chiropractors or physical therapists too. One interesting thing to note is that the majority of massage therapists are working in private practise. That means they ‘re independent or self-employed contractors. If you are interested in becoming an independent worker you need a strong business foundation. If you want to start your own business you need to study accounting , finance and even tax laws.

Probably your next question would be: Is there any work for me? Naturally yes! It is predicted this career will grow faster in the coming years.