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Boomer Business "Jumpstart Your Business" Program

for baby boomer women at midlife or beyond who are starting or growing a home-based business as a creative professional, coach, consultant or solo-preneur.

The Boomer Business Launcher Jumpstart Your Business Program will help you create a road map to follow, customized to your business idea and life goals, and a step-by-step method that keeps you moving forward at your pace. 

You'll be planning your business for freedom, flexibility and fulfillment.

What happens in this program:

You will

  1. Create a vision for your business so you know what you're building
  2. Select the right niche market so you work with clients you enjoy
  3. Position your business to be unique so you stand out from the competition
  4. Develop a remarkable mission for your business that others will understand instantly
  5. Be given checklists and scorecards to keep you on track 
  6. Learn marketing strategies and methods and how to use them
  7. Design work you enjoy, using your strengths, preferences, interests and expertise
  8. Move past limiting beliefs and false assumptions that are holding you back. We'll help you create a "success mindset" that energizes you.
  9. Write a short, highly effective One Page Business PlanTM. It's your roadmap for 2015.

The Program Format:

Attend 4 weekly 1-hour teleclasses to take you step-by-step from your idea to a short, actionable plan. Can't attend a call? No problem. Each call is recorded. You can listen to the audio at your convenience. (value $175)

Practical Assignments
Each week you'll get to work on one part of your plan. You'll be able to work at your own pace. It's all made easy with checklists and fill-in-the-blanks templates that guide and teach you practical, hands-on knowledge you can use immediately.

A Resource Guide
You'll know which experts can help with any of your specific business implementation challenges. This alone will save you hours of time. (value $150)

Teleclass Audios
Get access to all of the audio recordings of the teleclasses. You'll be building a listening library, available to you at all times. Format: MP3. (value $175)

Bestseller Book
A copy of the The One Page Business Plan with the Entrepreneurs Toolkit CD will be mailed to you (within the USA). (value: $35)

A personal business coaching session each week.
You'll be privately coached 1-on-1 in 15-minute laser coaching sessions throughout the program, plus you will have a half-hour Private Consultation where we review your plan to be sure it's complete and effective. (value: $500)

Is this program for you?

If you look within yourself and decide that now is the time to have a written plan that gives you clarity and confidence, then this program is for you.
  • work with focus and purpose
  • have the confidence that comes from a well thought-out plan
  • share ideas and get feedback from a peer group, plus expert guidance from a One Page Business PlanTM certified consultant.
A wise investment. If priced separately, all of the program elements would add up to over one thousand dollars. The actual cost, though, is only $237. Enroll now and your book and CD will be mailed to you immediately. 
Space is limited.  

Join me in the Boomer Business Launcher Jumpstart Program.

AG 100x100

To your success,

Amy Grossman, MBA
Your "Boomer Business Mentor"


PS: Be a trailblazer as a boomer business owner! You can do it! I can help.

PPS: Want to talk to Amy? Contact her to set up a time to discuss if this program is right for you.


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