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When considering a dental implant vs bridges we must take the following considerations into account:

o Jaw Bone resorption – Treatment with a dental implant involves placing implants in areas where there are no teeth and by so doing, the bone area is stimulated again and this prevents long term bone loss in that area. If a bridge that connects 2 teeth is used instead of a dental implant, pressure is not applied on the jaw bone! Therefore the bone is not stimulated and begins to shrink away. Conclusion : dental implants preserve the underlying jawbone.

oOral health – Dental implants do not affect your other healthy teeth, more of your own teeth are left intact. A bridge, on the other hand, may require the cutting down of healthy, adjacent teeth in order to support the bridge structure.Do you want to learn more? Visit My Dental Home, Dr. Kevin Brown & Associates, Unionville .

o Durability – a permanent solution to tooth loss is offered with a dental implant vs bridges , which have a life expectancy of only 10 years. Implants bond to the jaw bone and become part of it – this connection is as strong as a natural tooth root. Using a bridge relies on the side forces applied on the adjacent teeth and on the bridge’s structure.

When using a bridge you support your structure on natural teeth that are still vulnerable to decay and other diseases, implants on the other hand cannot develop any diseases since they are made of titanium.

o Oral hygiene – Individual dental implants allow easier access between teeth, enabling everyday normal dental care. Flossing bridges is not an easy task and requires time and patience, making it a tiresome process. This fact eventually will give an advantage to the implants by enabling improved everyday oral hygiene.

o Esthetics – A dental implant vs. bridges looks good due to modern technology allowing dentists to achieve results that look exactly like natural teeth. When comparing between a dental implant vs bridges , the conclusion is clear! Dental implants always looks better than bridges.

o Treatment plan flexibility – Dental implants enable more flexibility in planning a treatment plan than bridges. As a matter of fact, in many cases only implants can be used and bridges are not an option! Example- when a few teeth are missing in the same site.

o Price – The price of a bridge is cheaper than a dental implant solution. But when thinking about the long run – you must realize that implants will be a cheaper option after all ! Because of the low durability of the bridges and complications that might occur, additional expenses await you down the road. Example – having to replace the bridge…

So.. after Checking out a dental implant vs bridges and taking all the considerations onto account – it is quite clear that the dental implant vs. bridges solution is preferable. Even though the initial price is higher, in the long run it is actually a cheaper alternative.