Photo Booth Fun For Your Wedding

The trendy new thing at weddings is picture booths, and after you have been at a wedding that has one, you may know why. They have hours of fun for all ages and your visitors will walk away at the end of the night with special wedding keepsakes that they will remember for ever. Visit us on

Making sure you do your research and go with a reliable local business that on your wedding day will not annoy you. On wedding planning websites such as The Tie and Wedding Wire and other rating pages such as Yelp, you will check for reputable firms and their ratings.

If you have agreed to partner with a good business, it is time to determine if you want the photo booth to be incorporated into your wedding. Do you just want this to be a nice nighttime add-on to the entertainment or do you want it to be a big element?

To introduce even more photo booth fun into your wedding reception, here are 7 ideas you can use:

  1. Image Guestbook-avoid this dull old guestbook signature! Make the visitors go through the booth and then glue their picture strip onto a blank guestbook page and sign the newlyweds with a special note. I promise that you can go through the book very frequently and look at all the wonderful photos of your friends and relatives in the years that come. How much are you going to be looking at a signature book?

For a retro feel, the black and white picture strips on black pages look fantastic.

If you want to get your visitors very artistic, carry a range of scissors, paper punches, stickers and so on to let their inner artist come out.

  1. Picture Sleeves-Leave a plastic picture sleeve with a special note from you at the guest table to encourage your guests to appreciate the space. The sleeves are a perfect place for your visitors to make fun bookmarks and carry home all of their picture strips.

Example post “Thank you for celebrating with us this day. Please swing by the photo booth to celebrate the day! Take a strip (or two or ten!) home in this sleeve. Make sure to put the duplicates in the guestbook for us. Today wouldn’t have been the same without you”

Many couples miss the more conventional and sometimes dull wedding gifts and just sell the photo booth as a favour. Although the normal wedding presents are not kept by anyone, anyone holds nice photos of themselves and their families.

  1. Picture Booth Save The Dates-Make your Save The Date cards or invites on a picture strip with a set of four photos. You should tie the concept of the traditional photo booth into the whole reception! It’s important to produce postcards or magnets.
  2. Props-In the picture booth, the visitors can typically think of countless imaginative stuff to do, however if you want to add fuel to the flames, you should give them some props! Hats, hats, boas with feathers, everything you might think about.

Dream of props that go along with the theme if you have a themed case.

Provide them to play with cardboard cut outs of prominent celebrities or rock stars.

Offer them paper pads or white boards to write or draw on, and use them throughout your picture session.