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Work with me

Boomer Business Jumpstart Your Business Program


You’ll learn my "action roadmap method" to build your business to fit your lifestyle and reflect your purpose. You'll come away with a One Page Business PlanTM that gives your business a jumpstart advantage.     

To learn more go to the Jumpstart info page.


Individual Business Mentoring and Coaching

Accelerate your progress with one-on-one mentoring and coaching to explore business ideas or to start or grow your business.

To see if this is right for you, book a complimentary 25-minute exploratory business coaching session. Click here to schedule a call.


Business Plan + Website

Need a website? Enroll is this turnkey program and you'll get a short, action-oriented business plan + a customized website. This is a great value and a quick way to launch your business. Why create a website without the strategy and vision of a vision plan? Why have a business plan without a website to launch and grow your business?

Now you can have both.




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