Spectrum Canine Dog Training- An Intro

Bringing a new puppy home will entail a lot more than some people would expect. For certain ways dealing with a new puppy will be like dealing with an child. Most people make the mistake of letting the puppy do whatever it wants to do when you bring your puppy home for the first time because they are just “so darn cute.” Yet you have to note that if you let them get away with anything only once they think it’s OK to go ahead. So try to eliminate the action later on can be a challenge. Checkout Spectrum Canine Dog Training for more info.

The first few weeks after having your puppy home are when they know their limits first. It is the most critical time for you to instill the laws of the home in them. Let us look at a few things that need to be learned in advance to make your canine dog training easier:

1. When you don’t want to fill up half of your bed with your 65 pound Labrador then don’t let your 10 pound puppy sit on your bed. Most people are going to make allowances for the new puppy, but it’s important that if you don’t want your dog’s actions later, you don’t let that happen TODAY! When the dog is never let up on the bed they will never know what they’re missing and will not realize that this action is inappropriate.

2. Just make sure everyone in your home knows what the rules are about your puppy from the moment you carry them home. Often what one person in your household can do is to encourage the canine to do something that would usually be considered inappropriate and alter their actions drastically.

3. Hogs just want you to please. We are pack animals and just want to support the leader by serving him. When they do any actions you deem inappropriate, it’s just because they don’t know it’s wrong. Make sure they are rewarded for good actions as much as possible, and give them all the love you can!

Your Canine Dog Training will go very smoothly when you start any program like obedience training, clicker training, or hunting functions, if you adhere to these 3 basic concepts right from the start.