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Reality about Connecticut Bail Bonds Group

A bail bond is typically used when the judge has ordered an incarcerated individual to give bail before being released before the trial starts. This accused person is removed from police custody until the final result determined during the trial is determined once a bond is posted for this individual. The amount is forfeited and the amount of the down payment or collateral that was filed with the court is also lost if the person does not return to court for the trial. Typically, when you are looking for a bail bond business, you are looking for what is called a licenced bail bondman. Such businesses specialise in issuing bail bonds and ensuring that their customers show up for trial. These businesses have a fee they charge for providing the actual cost of the bond, which is about 10 percent of the amount of the bond. This does not include, above and beyond the fees determined by the court, any other costs associated with the transaction.Get more informations of Connecticut Bail Bonds Group-Bail Bonds

Their real purpose is to ensure that their client, the accused person, receives copies of all signed documents relating to their hearing, receives up-to-date information on the amount of their bond, and provides a refund of all collateral used to secure their release. Bounty hunters that have been popularised for decades by television shows are one of the more famous elements of these types of businesses. These individuals are hired prior to the actual date and time of forfeiture to locate and return the accused to trial. This is usually called skipping bail when this happens, which causes the court to issue a warrant for their arrest. While most individuals will never need to use such agencies, it is good to do research on which agencies will be best suited to your specific situation. Many of them are well-known and have decades of experience that can be helpful, particularly in ensuring that all of your documents and the money you need are accessible and readily available.

Details on Connecticut Bail Bonds Group

If you are arrested a court will set the amount of your bail. This is the amount of money it takes for you to get out of jail while awaiting your court date. Depending on the seriousness of the crime you are accused of, the bond can be a high amount or a low amount. The main reason for a bail bond is to ensure that you will be around when the time comes to go to court. Get more informations of Connecticut Bail Bonds Group

Bail Bond Amounts Differ
The bail amount that is set by the court is sometimes low enough so that you can pay your own bond; however if it is quite high you will need to contact a bail bond company. You can pay them a percentage of the bond and a representative from the bonding company, a bail bondsman as they were typically called, or a bondsperson will post the bond so you can get out of jail.

For instance, if your bond is $50,000, this would be a rather large amount for most people to pay. A bond that is higher is usually reserved for felonies rather than misdemeanors. Most likely you would pay 10% of this amount to the bonding company, which would be $5000 and they would post the $50,000. The $5000 you pay to the bonding company will not be returned to you.

Misdemeanor charges do not usually have high bonds and the bonding companies charge around 20% of the bond for this type of charge. If your bail is set at $1000, you would only have to pay the bonding company $200 rather than the $1000. This is also kept by the bail bond company as a fee for posting your bond.

Do You Need a Bail Bondsman?
Finding a bail bondsman is not difficult. They are listed in the telephone book, online and many law enforcement officers can steer you towards one if you are arrested. Because they are frequently at the jail bonding people out, many law enforcement officers know them personally. There are usually bulletin boards near the telephone with business cards from several and their telephone numbers, which by the way most take calls day or night.

Sometimes, especially in the case of a felony, the bail bond company will require you to have a co-signer who signs that they will give up collateral if you do not show up for court. This could be a home, boat or car that is worth the amount of the bond less the amount you have paid to the bonding company.

A bail bondsman will most likely take a photo of you and write down any pertinent information. This will include where you work, where you live, your car make and model and license number. He will also make note of friends and places you go to hang out. Your co-signer may have their photo taken as well.

A bonding company will want to ensure that they know as much as possible about you and that you are going to make your court appearance. This is especially true if your bond is set at a high amount because they stand to lose a lot of money if you do not show.