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Hosting Provider Explained

An Internet hosting provider is a company that operates Internet servers, enabling people and organizations to provide content to the World Wide Web. There are different tiers of services and different types of services provided. The cost of the service depends largely on the kind of service you require, since different hosting providers charge differently. Therefore it is important to compare hosting plans before choosing one for your website. check them out on linked
One type of internet hosting provider is the shared hosting. In this case, you are allowed to use an account with another person or an organization on the same server as you are. However, you are sharing resources with these people or organizations, which can be beneficial if you are in a small business where you don’t want to invest a lot of money on an Internet connection for every client you have. For instance, if your web design is very good then you may want to host your website using a dedicated hosting plan. This option is only for people who have the technical knowledge required to operate the dedicated servers.
Another kind of Internet hosting provider is the reseller hosting wherein your account gets divided into several different accounts, allowing you to have different web hosting packages for each individual account. Some of the features you get with these accounts include unlimited email accounts, the use of the wp engine and other tools such as php. If you have high traffic on your blog or website, you can opt to get the dedicated accounts that allow you to have unlimited bandwidth and disk space for a yearly or biannual fee.