Things You Need to Know About Law Offices of Keith Hirschorn, P.C.

At some stage or other almost every driver had received the dreaded traffic ticket. You will drive on the highway no sooner than you can see the flashing lights and siren behind you signalling a crime. However, a momentary lack in good judgement does not tarnish your clean driving record. Knowing how to handle a traffic violation will make sure you don’t pay unnecessary penalties or have your licence revoked.

Law Offices of Keith Hirschorn, P.C.Remembering to always follow the law is extremely important; never get upset with the officer or start fighting with them, as this will only put you in trouble any more. Be sure to answer all the official’s questions directly in a courteous and respectful way. If they ask you to leave your car. Learn more about Law Offices of Keith Hirschorn, P.C.

Another important thing to consider is not to publicly confess your guilt or try to come up with amazing storeys or excuses. Let the officer clarify your crime, and if they ask if you know what you’ve done, respond with a straightforward response, “No, I don’t.” For a speed crime, make sure they tell you the speed you’ve been travelling and what the limit is in the region.

The officer’s name and badge number will be written on the ticket but sometimes it may be unreadable, particularly if they have bad handwriting. Be sure to ask them for this detail, and write it down for yourself, because when you go to court, you will need it. You would also need to ask them clear and thorough questions about the system they used to assess your speed or other infraction and where they were located. Look for clearly defined signs for speed; if there is none then make sure to take videos or photos to help support your case in court.

The officer will come to the conclusion that the case will be dismissed because you are too detailed with your questions, and the effort to appear in court is not worth it. They are not charged for court dates and trials and many of them would prefer to spend time either with loved ones or friends. If they do not appear the complaint will be dismissed automatically.

However, the case can still be won, even though the officer turns up. The judge will take all of the facts into account and dismiss the case entirely, or minimise the fine you must pay. It may be worth hiring an attorney for more serious offences. There are also firms composed of retired police officers giving you advice and tips about how to proceed in court. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether to spend money on this sort of assistance.

Knowledge is power, and collecting every possible detail is important to prove your case, whether you hire someone to help you or not. Please file a discovery motion immediately after obtaining your reservation. This will let you know exactly what you are charged with, and what sort of evidence against you will be used.