Understanding Heating Systems

Heating, a system and procedure of raising the interior temperature of a confined area for the sole purpose of maintaining the warmth of the occupant. This heating device can be mechanical, electrical or chemical and can either be electric, gas or propane. Heating systems can be classified as: direct air-conditioned (DC), radiant, and gas-filled systems. Direct air-conditioned heaters are usually used in residential homes where direct air exchange is impractical because of the size of the space. Checkout Heating Murrieta for more info.


Heating systems can also be classified as: radiant wall, gas-filled, and radiant floor. Radiant wall heaters are used in houses with long walls that do not have a central heating system. The heaters are positioned on the walls of the home and a fan blows the heat from one side to another. Gas filled radiant heating systems use gas piping and are usually located in basements. Radiant heating systems are also referred to as solar radiant heating. They utilize solar energy to generate heat for the entire room. Radiant heating is commonly used to heat homes with windows that allow the sun to heat up the inside of the house.

Heat pump is another type of heating system that can be used. Heat pumps are usually powered by electricity, but are also available as batteries that run on gasoline. Heating systems may have their own ducting system, piping, or fans that circulate the warm air into the room. Heaters can be either passive or active. Passive systems do not need any ductwork, pipes, or fans to function. Active heating systems, on the other hand, require a duct system and vents to keep the warm air circulating. Both systems are effective and provide homeowners with a cost-efficient way to heat their homes.

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