Why You Should Use Vehicle Wraps- Brief Notes

Vehicle wrapping is a product of the visual arts combined with society’s need for a highly mobile advertising solution. When people ask what I do, I say blithely, We sell visibility. Case in point, the car wrap has fast become the best visibility solution available today. While oft described as a high impact mobile billboard, the ‘wrap’ is simply a large format graphic print ‘wrapped ‘onto a vehicle. There are three common versions which I’ve described below. By clicking here we get info about Why You Should Use Vehicle Wraps | Did You Know Cars

First, cut vinyl letters may be the most common. You business name or logo, business phone and website address are placed in one color onto the vehicle. Sometimes, you may use a shadow, say black behind gray, to offset the letters. If a color match for you logo is not available, a digital print may be used. The letters are simply cut out of the digital material. In some states, like New Jersey, lettering is required on all commercial vehicles.

Second, a business might consider expanding the lettering to include more color. Otherwise, a picture that plays off the logo or before and after might be used. For example, solar panel sellers might place a picture of the panels in action on the vehicle. We call any expanded lettering a partial vehicle wrap. Keep in mind that a partial wrap does not mean just the logo or just letters. Any area or portion of the vehicle can be wrapped.

Finally, a full wrap encompasses the whole vehicle. The sides, rear and hood are all covered with vinyl to produce a full vehicle wrap. It almost always adds pictures or a background (say, grass for a landscaper, water droplets for a pool guy.) The vehicle wrap design is the most important element of a full wrap as misplaced or poorly placed images can detract from making your branding stand out.

If you’re considering vehicle graphics, lettering, a partial wrap or a full vehicle wrap might be a good choice for you. If you really can’t decide, pick a company that designs, prints and installs vehicle graphics. They’ll get you on the right track no matter which direction you choose.