Car Inspections

Chandler Car Inspection Association Information

Car inspection is basically a process mandated by subnational or national governments in most countries, where a car is thoroughly inspected to make sure that it conforms to national laws governing safety, pollution, or both. Inspection is required at different times, e.g. periodically on the transfer or purchase of a vehicle, or periodically on its maintenance. In some cases, car owners are also required to have their cars inspected every year, although this is not the norm in most countries. Most states require car owners to get their cars inspected, especially if the cars will be driven on streets and highways. Get more info about Chandler Car Inspection Association.

The process of getting a car inspection differs from state to state, and even from county to county in some states. Some states require car owners to get their cars inspected before selling them, while others require the inspection only if the buyer intends to purchase the vehicle. Other states allow car owners to obtain their own state inspection certificate, which enables them to get their cars inspected by anyone they wish, including private sellers. Even if the seller does not require the inspection of the car, buyers should still get the car inspected to make sure that all major components are in good condition and that mechanical problems have been identified and corrected.

Each state requires car inspection and the people who inspect cars are referred to as ‘inspectors’. While drivers are not legally obligated to get their cars inspected, many state laws require that drivers keep their vehicles inspected annually. A mechanic who inspects the car personally is called a mechanical inspector, while a person who sells or repairs vehicles is known as an auto mechanic. The inspectors who do not hold a professional license for their work are often referred to as service inspectors. An auto mechanic can get the title to a car simply by examining it and testing it for mechanical problems, whereas the mechanic who tests it may have to get the title through a legal process.