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Outdoor lighting or landscape lighting is a type of light that is not connected to a house or structure and is intended for exterior illumination and for various purposes. This type of lighting can be categorized into two major categories exterior landscape lighting and interior lighting. These are usually categorized on the basis of their functions and purposes. The former is considered as the lighting meant for the general public’s safety, especially in areas where it is prone to theft and vandalism. For this reason, it is mostly used outdoors, such as in parks, gardens, driveways and along roads and sidewalks. You can learn more at Premier Outdoor Lighting of New Jersey, Moorestown.

Garden lighting is a type of outdoor lighting that is mostly used to illuminate the entire area surrounding a garden or lawn. Garden lighting is classified as an extension of interior lighting. It is often used for landscaping, to highlight special plantings, or to improve the aesthetic appeal of the area. Landscape lighting includes the installation of pendant fixtures and other outdoor lighting fixtures. It is usually installed above ground and is composed of metal or other rigid materials, which can easily withstand the sun and weather. Landscape lights come with different types of bulbs, but the common type is LED, which has been proven to have high efficiency and long life span. With the growing popularity of these lights, more than just indoor use has been gained.

Outdoor illumination, also known as landscape lighting, can be installed in various types of areas of the home. For the purposes of security, the exterior lighting is usually made of steel or other sturdy materials, such as PVC. The metal casing provides a very attractive and eye-catching effect and the installation is simple enough to accomplish. Landscape lighting is commonly used to illuminate walkways and pathways that are in front of the home or building. These types of lights are also widely used around the garden and lawns and are used for enhancing the beauty of the area. To give the landscaping a more modern appearance, a variety of lights are installed on trees and structures. They are also often used to highlight special features of the landscape such as waterfalls, ponds, flower beds, ponds and pools, or the entire garden.

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