Sell Your Home

Sell Your Home: Get Your Listing Or Home SOLD IN 60 DAYS OR LESS, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME OF YEAR!

What’s the dirty little secret you’re hiding?
The steps mentioned below APPEAR to be easy, and they ARE! The dirty little secret is that 99.9% of real estate agents refuse to participate! If you just step up and do what you need to do to sell a home, there is no real competition. Find Out More selling a house that needs repairs

Number one:
If you hear something like this from a third party, contact your seller: “On Tuesday, Jane from C21 showed your house. She liked it, but thought it was $10,000 too expensive for the market. She also said that she would sell a house to her buyers that is very close to yours, but for about $10,000 less.”

A third party can say things to you that you can repeat to your seller without upsetting them. However, if you said the same words as if they came from you, your seller may become irritated. We’re not advising you to make anything up. Tell the truth only!

Do all you can to get them to list it at a price that is slightly below market from the start. Sell them on the idea that selling a house today is a must, because it is. Make a list of homes that are in excellent condition. You’ll be playing with the REOs if you don’t. Promote your advantage over REOs in the listing, ads, and flyers by saying stuff like “Move-in ready” and “This home just needs you.”

If it needs significant repairs, demand that the seller completes them BEFORE you make the listing live. Again, if the listing isn’t in great shape and isn’t spotless, you’re putting it up against bank-held foreclosures known as REOs – “Real Estate Owned” (by the bank). It’s a word used in the banking industry). Make it clear to your seller that the only way to sell a house is for it to be in good working order and clean.

Prepare them to actually sell a home by teaching them how to: SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESSFULNESS. Fill out the form and have them sign it to agree to a pre-arranged price drop that will take effect 30 days after the listing date. How high is it? If you can get 10%, you’ll be doing them a huge favour that will help them sell their home. They’ll be more likely to take a little less before the 30 day mark because they know the reduction is coming.

SUPER STATS Will HELP YOU TO BE BETTER. If they refuse – if they believe you’re attempting to defraud them and puncture their balloon? Take them out and show them legitimate listings that are priced below the price you want them to sell at. Show them who the true rivalry is. Show them some real estate to get them back to earth. Allowing them to see what the competition is like is the ultimate “reality show,” so tell them: “To sell a house in this market, we must compete and beat the competition.”

You’re looking for desperate sellers. Since they are retired or just don’t have anything else to do, people would treat a real estate agent as if he or she were a fine guitar. It’s almost as much fun to watch you leap as it is to go fishing with Sarah in Alaska! You don’t need them if they don’t have to sell! Do not squander your time. You have bills to pay, and you’ll only be able to do so if you deal with REAL people trying to sell their home.